When patients hear about extractions, they commonly assume that dentists are in fact “pulling” teeth. This couldn’t be further from the truth! An extraction is really the controlled loosening of a tooth until it can easily be removed. We offer sedation to patients who request it.


Dr Albazzaz, Dr Javed and Dr Safi use the most up to date dental technology in their West Chicago practice. They use digital x-rays which allow them to share their findings with you by showing you your dental x-rays on a large computer screen in the privacy of your treatment room.


Patients very often remark that having an extraction performed was much simpler and more comfortable than they ever expected. So what can you expect during your extraction:

  • Numbness / Anesthetic - We will take thorough measures to make sure your as numb as possible with the use of dental anesthetics. We won't begin the extraction until you feel comfortable and numb enough to begin.
  • Pressure - We will carefully push and apply pressure to help loosen the tooth so it can be removed safely.  However, you won't feel pain.
  • Noises - Badly damaged teeth may break into smaller segments...so you may hear some crackling sounds.
  • Sectioning - Sometimes it's easier to extract a large tooth by cutting it in half or smaller segments.  You will be advised if using a drill is necessary to help us during an extraction.
  • Post-Operative Instructions - How to take care of the extraction site at home
  • Pain meds and/or antibiotics (if needed) - each extraction is different.  We may prescribe some medications to help you with the healing process


We at North Avenue Dental Associates pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible surgical experience. Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at any time.