Goal of Restorative Dentistry

The goal of restorative dentistry is to preserve and repair natural teeth where ever possible. Our North Ave Dental Associates will consider your overall health, the health of your mouth, your bite, your bone support and your desired aesthetic.  You now have many options for tooth restorations including:  white composite fillings, porcelain, veneers, dental bonding, crowns, bridges and much more.....

restorative dentistry in West Chicago | North Ave Dental Associates

Why choose North Ave Dental Associates for your restorative dentistry?

1. We Offer 4 Types  

We offer evidenced based restorations including cosmetic fillings, dentures, partials and dental implants.

2.  We Repair  

North Ave Dental Associates will try to save as much tooth structure as possible.  When possible, we will repair and replace your existing restoration and tooth surface missing due to decay, age or wear.   

3.  We Will Enhance Your Appearance

We will work with you to select the tooth color and restoration that resembles your natural tooth Or we can give you a whiter brighter smile. You can choose at our West Chicago dental office.

4.  Convenient & Accessible Care

Our West Chicago dental officehas evening hours and Saturday appointments to fit your schedule.

5.  Affordable

Our services are affordable.  We accept patients with and without dental insurance.  We offer easy payment plans to fit every budget.  We are In Network with most dental PPO insurance plans