3D Digital Technology Comes To West Chicago Dental Office

There are distinct advantages of the 3D imaging dental equipment that the dentists added to North Ave Dental Associates.

  • Low Dose TechnologyTM Images created.  This scan can be utilized in dose-sensitive cases and in control and follow-up scans where patients dose is to be minimized or lower resolution is acceptable.
  • More Detailed Images - High-resolution scans offer extremely sharp images allowing for a more detailed diagnosis.  The x-ray images can also be enhanced and enlarge to help the dentists diagnose and treatment plan.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution - The OP 3D replaces lead typically used for tubehead radiation shielding  and the power save feature of this system reduces overall energy consumption of the practice.
  • Improved Patient Comfort -  Patients can stand or sit at the machine while it moves around your head taking a series of dental x-ray images that will be instantly available for the dentist to view.  The sensors are on the outside of your mouth.
  • Multiple Uses -  This 3D imaging machine can take panorex images and bitewing images too!   It is specifically helpful when the West Chicago dentists at  North Ave Dental Associates place dental implants or extract impacted teeth.
3D dental x-ray imaging at West Chicago IL dental office | North Ave Dental Associates